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Data is Everywhere.

Will you answer the call?


Data is everywhere and the world has gotten really good at collecting it.

As data becomes an increasing part of our lives, the largest bottleneck to insights is the ability to understand data and make informed decisions based on it.

I’ve curated content that focuses on the importance of getting more comfortable with data and telling impactful stories with it.


You don’t have to be a data scientist to leverage data.

Domain knowledge and familiarity with your data are superpowers waiting to be unlocked.

Our mission at Data Heroes is to help our community get more comfortable with data and begin creating stories.

Allen’s Articles

 Browse stories that share the importance of data narratives

and learn how they impact our world.

Data Storytelling

People will never forget how you make them feel. Those are the wise words of Maya Angelou. Data Storytelling is a balancing act of data, emotions and credibility. Learn how to craft an engaging story for work presentations or passion projects. You can also read how data can be used to support the humanities by taking journeys through history.

Data Literacy

You don’t have to be a data scientist to be data literate. Data literacy describes how familiar we are with data. This includes the contextual as well as the technical. Read why I believe data literacy will play a major part in the workforce. Also catch the conversations I’ve had with Ben Jones, Nick Caldwell, Mico Yuk and other experts in the space.

Data Community

Data communities provide a space for everyone to collaborate on complex challenges. Read why collaboration is the key to increased data literacy by showing empathy. Also learn how our data visualization challenge brought many circles together at the intersection of history, sociology and data!